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Squeeze box is a kind ofpush-in type IC voice box,small music box. shape is roundor square. Seller can takeit as a small gift given to buyer. As long as gently squeeze,it will play the recorded songs, product introduction or brand advertising and so on. This can be used inside the toy, which can make toys play all kinds of sounds.

Squeeze Box
Features and advantages

☆Clear sound, stable and reliable performance

☆Recording time: 6s, 10s, 20s, even several minutes.

☆Shape: square, round, box type.

☆Sound: Chinese English music sound, animal sound, analog sound etc.

☆Trigger mode: remote control, voice activated, light controlled, button control, vibration.

☆ROHS standard, not contain PHTHALATE.

☆Working voltage: 3~4.5V.

☆Can use external battery case.

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