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MP3 Chip/ Module case.aspx?TypeId=29&FId=t4:29:4

MP3 chip supports MP3 audio decoding. It can play according to the specified file name or the specified index number. Can use folder to classify. Support three kinds of memory: SPI-FLASH, micro SD card, USB flash disk.

MP3 Chip/ Module
Features and advantages

☆Support WAV, WMA, MP3 audio format.

☆Three kinds of memory for option: SPI-FLASH, micro SD card, USB flash disk.

☆Audio content can be replaced. Max support 32G micro SD card and 32G U disk.

☆Support file name play, file index play, file name or file index play in the folder.

☆Can replace the audio files of micro SD card through USB interface.

☆Can copy the audio files of micro SD card or U disk to SPI-Flash, offline replace audio.

☆Support key control and asynchronous serial(UART) communication at the same time. ☆General standard interface protocol.

☆Can query the song name current playing, current song’s index number, current working status, current volume setting, the number of files in memory and so on.

☆Support inter-cut among different kinds of memory.

☆Support USB sound card function.

☆Built in 1W amplifier, directly driving 8ohm/1W speaker, 32 volume ranges.

☆DC 3V~5.2V power supply.


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