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Vehicle Speed Limiter case.aspx?TypeId=129&FId=t4:129:4

There are many major accidents occurring caused by vehicleover speeding. The loss and death rate caused by special heavy vehicles is highest. Most of heavy vehicles have not installed speed limit device. At present, many countries have already made relevant state laws and regulations for heavy special vehicles: all heavy vehicles must install the speed limit device.

Our company focuses onthe safety of Person, Vehicles, and Object. According to market requirements, we alreadylaunched three types of speed limit device:vehicle speed limiter, GPS vehicle speed limiter, GPS vehicle intelligent speed limiter.

Vehicle speed limiter, the ordinary type, supports the electronic throttle speed limit, mechanical throttle speed limit two modes, with high precision, stable and reliable performance. When vehicleover speeding, the speed limit devicewill give voice alert to remind driver and directly limit speed. The host and accessories are waterproof, shockproof and anti-interference, suitable for use in harsh environments.

GPS vehicle speed limiter, this type device installation is simpler than the ordinary type of vehicle speed limiter, more functions, can be directly used on the car, do not need too complicated installation. This device detects speed through the GPS signal.

Above two products are popular in market, but there are some customers require solutions to vehicle management and monitor, such as want to see the vehicle travel route and limit the vehicle driving area, limit different speed in different road, real-time location of vehicle, check vehicles whether over speed or not, remotely issue instructions to force vehicle to limit speed. So we launch GPS intelligent speed limiter. This device can work with cloud server to remotely monitor, check and issue instructions, solving vehicle fleet management problem, convenient for enterprise to protect their profit and protect the safety of vehicle and driver.

Vehicle Speed Limiter
Features and advantages

☆ Power supply: DC12V-24V

☆ Light weight, easy to install, full floating shockproof design, seismic performance;

☆ Electronic throttle and mechanical throttle two kinds of speed limit control;

☆ Remote control function, can remotely set speed limit related parameters within 1 meter range via IR controller.Speed limit is adjustable from 0 to 99 km.

☆ High speed limit precision, intelligently learning tachometer speed signal. You can directly connectthe tachometer signal line of all kinds of vehicles, easy to install.

☆ Two speedlevels setting, over different levels of speed will have different voice prompts.

☆ Waterproof grade IP68.

☆ Voice alarm function, 8 volumeranges adjustable.

☆ Speed signal is real-time measurement through GPS signal, accurate speed.

☆ With vehicle anti-theft positioning tracking, track playback, dispatching management function.;

☆ Intelligent voice prompt when reversing, turning.

☆ Can setthe speed limit parameters of thedifferent levels of road oncomputer (platform software).

☆ Real-time positioning through GPS.

☆ Network control function ( through GPRS network connected to the server, upload data records, parameter settings, etc.).

☆ Available to have early warning voice prompt function, to make driver form agood driving habit.

☆ External speaker 8Ω/1W or 8Ω/10W (optional).

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1. Applied in bus speed limit (taxi, driver-training car, coach, school bus, city bus, inter-city bus, logistics carrier vehicle, etc.), engineering vehicles, factory transport vehicle speed limit (truck, lorry, oil tank truck, road roller, dump truck, excavator, dangerous goods transport vehicle, mixer truck, etc.), factory motor vehicle speed limit, such as forklifts.

2. Applied in automobile anti-theft tracking, rental vehicle location tracking, logistics enterprise fleet management, construction project fleet management, taxi dispatching management, long-distance passenger transportation monitoring management etc.

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