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Audible and Visual Alarm case.aspx?TypeId=129&FId=t4:129:4

Audible and visual alarm is also called sound-light alarm, a kind of alarm device giving warning signals through sound and light. It is developed to satisfy customer’s special requirements to alarm loudness and installation position, widely used in some dangerous operation area or the area where need high-power sound playing to give hazard warning signal.

At present, there are four types with different functions: wireless remote control type, power-on play type, microwave induction type, portable type.

Wireless remote control sound-light alarm adopts the acousto-optic control technology, wireless remote controller can remotely control the device power on or off, remote wireless control. Power-on play, that is, once power on, the device will sound. User canuse the infrared remote controller to adjust volume up and down,replace voice remotely. Microwave induction type adopts radar wave induction technology. When detecting something passing by, alarm light will flash and the device will have voice prompt. Portable type is built in rechargeable battery, can be used alone withoutpower source, microwave induction, flexible market environment, not restricted by power supply.

Audible and Visual Alarm
Features and advantages

Support MP3 audio playing, good sound quality.

Sound and light alarm, sound and light signals triggering together.

Can have power-on play, remote control, microwave induction triggering to play.

Max audio output up to 20W, alarm sound loudness up to 120db.

Built-in SPI memory, support 4Mbit~64Mbit storage capacity, audio length more than 2000 seconds.

Replace alarm sound connected to computer through USB interface (optional).

Can select alarm sound or adjust volume by infrared remote controller (optional).

Wide voltage range of power supply: DC12-24V, can customize 220V.

Alarm light and warning signal are integration----easy to install.

Weather-proof circuit technology----waterproof and dust-proof.

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Oil field, prison, steel plant, coking plant, metallurgic plant, chemical plant, mines, smelting iron factory, gulf, vessel, wharf, large hoisting machinery, engineering vehicles, harbor machinery, electric power communication.

Square, Bank, government agencies, post office, telecommunications, hotel, building, shopping malls, stores, villas, ATM, security services company, etc.

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