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Bluetooth Module, including chip, has many versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.2, and 5.0. Our Bluetooth modules have the advantages of industrial grade design, stable data transmission, easy operation and cost advantage, widely used for wired(serial port) converted to wireless data transmission. It supports Bluetooth SPP standard protocol, which can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled Android phones, notebooks, computers and Bluetooth master modules, to send and receive data in both directions.

Our Bluetooth module series, except the ordinary transmission module, the other are the audio Bluetooth module and LED dimming module. Audio Bluetooth module is WT2600 module, can have audio play function after connecting Bluetooth. LED dimming module is WT2800 module, with our dedicated APP, achieve the lamp brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, RGB color adjustment, different flashing mode adjustment, lighting timing control and other functions. Of course, we not only sell sound modules, but we also have ability to develop and manufacture, we can customize products to meet customer needs.

Bluetooth Module
Features and advantages

☆Standard UART communication interface, bit rate 9600(in default), can flexibly achieve the specified address playback, specify the file name to play, specify the folder file playback, volume levels, previous and next, play stop, combined play, memory switch, select the playback mode and other modes. When power on, not play by default.

☆With the standard key function, play/ pause,previous/next, volume+/-,mode switching and so on.

☆Using WT2600 as a core, at the same time, support SPI-FLASH, SD card, U disk three storage modes, SPI-FLASH as specified audio area, cannot be updated by user.

☆USB interface can achieve the host(USB HID)and slave(USB reader) automatic switch function.

☆Support FAT16, FAT32 file system, support MP3, WAV(PCM, IMA-ADPCM) file format.

Support off-line upgrade program.

☆In open space, Bluetooth connection distance up to 30-50m.

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