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Elevator Anti-collision case.aspx?TypeId=30&FId=t4:30:4

Elevator counterweight ranging collision avoidance warning system, is a safety protection device, mainly used for safety early warning, to remind workers during elevator maintenance work .

It adopts ultrasonic detection technology, detection precision up to centimeter level, mainly used to prevent dangers during the elevator maintenance operation process. Sometimes the maintenance workers in the elevator counterweight, they cannot find danger timely, unable to escape in time, which will cause life safety threat.

Elevator Anti-collision
Features and advantages

Ultrasonic detecting technology, detection precision up to centimeter.

Sensor can be rotated around 60 °, easy to change different detection area.

Voice content can be replaced.

Built in amplifier and powerup to 2W/ 8 Ω speaker, adjustable volume.

Elevator alarm distance can be set.

Ultrasonic detection range is 3~360cm + 5 cm(cm), two sensors induction angel ≤15°.

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