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2017 - 10 - 21
Product Description:WTN6 series sound chip is 4-bit controller. At present there are three kinds of chip: WTN6010, WTN6020, WTN6040, WTN6090 (voice length is 10s,20s,40s,...
2016 - 11 - 14
Product DescriptionWT588D voice ic chip is multitime programmable music chip, 4 packages:  DIP18, SSOP20, SSOP28, LQFP32.It support silence insertion. One address bit can insert 10...
2016 - 12 - 15
WTR050 voice recording chip is a multifunctional voice record & playback chip, specially designed for recording voice, long recording distance, good sound quality, can directly drive...
2016 - 11 - 14
1. Brief IntroductionSmartSound PIR motion activated sound player adopts human body induction technology. When it detects people passing, it can automatically play voice.Download voice ...
Elevator counterweight collision avoidance

Elevator Counterweight Anti-collision Alarm


· Adopt ultrasoinc detecting technology.

· Auto detect two directions with two different sounds output.

· The detection accuracy up to centimeter.

· Detector can be rotated around 60 ° .

· Sound files can be changed at will.

· Support to play the audios of MP3 format.

· High sound quality audio output.

· Support maximum 4GB micro SD card.

· Support USB2.0 protocal to transmit data; can read the data in SD card through the USB cable to connect to computer.

· Volume is adjustable.

· Built-in 2W amplifier circuits to ensure loud and beautiful voice.

· Auto sleeping circuits design, can keep long-term standby.

· Built-in automatic charging circuits.

· Plug and play type design.

· Built-in 500mAH lithium battery, time durable.

· Operation voltage: DC-5V/1A.

上市时间: 2017 - 12 - 07
Ultrasonic Sensor Activated Speaker Anti-collision Alarm for elevator counterweight
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Ultrasonic Sensor Activated Speaker Anti-collision Alarm for elevator counterweight

发布时间: 2016 - 11 - 14
Ultrasonic Sensor Activated Speaker Anti-collision Alarm for elevator counterweight
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2016 - 11 - 14
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