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Forklift Speed Limiter(VSMS) case.aspx?TypeId=129&FId=t4:129:4

Motor Vehicle Safety Management System (VSMS) is a system, based on the solution to solve the hidden dangers of forklift and enterprise forklift safety management .This system is mainly used for factory forklift management. At present, there are three types: forklift over speed alarm, forklift speed limit alarm, forklift safety management system.

Forklift over speed alarm, as the name implies, when forklift exceeds the standard speed, system will alarm to prompt driver attention to slow down.

Forklift speed limit alarm, this one can directly limit the speed of forklift. Preset the speed value, such as 20km/H,then forklift speed will be controlled within 20km/h.

Forklift safety management system is mainly used for enterprise forklift and driver management, monitoring. It can be used with backgroundmanagement system. Forklift drivers need IC card to access vehicles. Enterprise managers can check the driving record of each vehicle, driver attendance,speeding record, overspeed time, and who over speed in real time. When the forklift faulty or damage occurs, managers can be easier toknow those who are involved, investigated for their responsibilities

About the product installation, our company is the only company who designs and manufactures wireless speed sensorto have wireless installation in China. Wirelessinstallation method greatly simplifies the product installation process, without damaging the vehicle. We own the forklift safety management system wireless sensor patent.

Forklift Speed Limiter(VSMS)
Features and advantages

☆ Two alarm alerts, audible and visual alarm: strobe light warning, voice alarm.

☆ Other prompting function:reversing voice prompt, left and right turn voice prompt.

☆ Installation: wired installation/ wireless installation.

☆ External alarm horn warning, 9 levels of alarm volume, volume adjustable, good sound quality.

☆ Speed limit mode(Optional): Electronic throttle speed limit, mechanical throttle speed limit.

☆ Three levels of speed settings, different alarm voice if over different speed level.

☆ IC card access control. Driver uses IC cardto access vehicle.

☆ Forklift data management: you can check the forklift overspeed times, speeding time, driver number, and driving record.

☆ Remote control settings, system can be remotely set within 1 meter range via IR controller.

☆ Lock the alarm: When forklift over speed the 3rd speed level for a long time (0 ~ 99 seconds, can be adjusted by user), alarm will be locked all the timeuntil administrator use administrator IC card to unlock alarm.

☆ Waterproof grade: IP67.

☆ Speed control:Overspeed lock, speed limit function.

☆ Working voltage: DC12V~24V (48V can be customized).

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☆Forklift type: Linde, Jungheinrich, TCM, Heli, Hangzhou, Daewoo, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Crown, Clark, Mitsubishi, Lonking, LiuGong, BT, OM, Tailift, BaoLi and other diesel, petrol, fuel, electric, battery-powered forklift.

☆Other models: Stacking machine, Tractor, Road roller, Loader and other vehicles in factories.

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