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2016 - 11 - 14
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2016 - 11 - 14
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2016 - 11 - 14
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Greeting Card Module case.aspx?TypeId=127&FId=t4:127:4

Greeting card module is very common in toys or gifts. Our company has many types of greeting card modules. Music files can be replaced by yourselves. There are also recordable greeting card modules, which can record any voice and playback. We can also provide music greeting cards, recording greeting cards, we accept customization as you required.

Greeting Card Module
Features and advantages

☆Music playing function.

☆Sound can be human voice, songs, music, advertisement and so on.

☆Can be used as ordinary greeting cards.

☆Push-button type: press play button toplay sound;

☆Mechanical type: open the CARDS began to put a voice;

☆Optically controlled type: open the card, it starts to play sound (affected by light, darkness or light too weak will affectthe sound play.)

☆Voice recording type: record through microphone, press button to play, need no software,able to repeat recording.

☆Support max 16 MB, mass storage, specific speech length can be chose according to user needs.

☆Greeting card PCB circuit board can make and design according to product size and shape;

☆Christmas songs, birthday songs, blessing words (can convert English, Japanese, Russian, ☆German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish etc.).

☆Directly use USBcable to connect computer to replace music files, need no software.

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Music greeting cards are applied tocards, electronic voice, birthday cards, gift boxes, packing boxes, wine boxes, toys, greeting cards, music boxes, educational toys, etc.

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