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2017 - 10 - 21
Product Description:WTN6 series sound chip is 4-bit controller. At present there are three kinds of chip: WTN6010, WTN6020, WTN6040, WTN6090 (voice length is 10s,20s,40s,...
2016 - 11 - 14
Product DescriptionWT588D voice ic chip is multitime programmable music chip, 4 packages:  DIP18, SSOP20, SSOP28, LQFP32.It support silence insertion. One address bit can insert 10...
2016 - 12 - 15
WTR050 voice recording chip is a multifunctional voice record & playback chip, specially designed for recording voice, long recording distance, good sound quality, can directly drive...
2016 - 11 - 14
1. Brief IntroductionSmartSound PIR motion activated sound player adopts human body induction technology. When it detects people passing, it can automatically play voice.Download voice ...
Testing jig/ IC Prog case.aspx?TypeId=29&FId=t4:29:4

This product category includes all kinds of voice IC, voice module testing jig, IC Prog, programmer, copy machine, test board, etc.

Multi-function test board is small size, multi-function, downloading and testing function integrated together, can be used for programming and testing WT588D, WTV-S, WTV-SR(needswitch seat added on WTV-SR module), WTV-NAND modules.

Copy machine, support computer online copy and offline copy. Offline copy can be chip to chip copying, can also copy from SD card to chip, can be used for ISD1700 series of voice chips.

Programmer can simultaneously program and copy two ISD devices. When programing, can also detect one chip. The dedicated "programming copy software" is directly controller by computer to program system (that can specify any address to write, modify the voice content), copy, test address. That is simple, easy to operate, good copying sound quality, support ISD all 3V devices: ISD4002, ISD4003, ISD4004 and other devices.

Testing jig/ IC Prog
Features and advantages

☆ Perfect embedded programming scheme, can use the dedicated software to have comprehensive control of the copy machine on computer.
☆ SRS232 serial port line connected with computer.
☆ With recording monitor, recording playback function.
☆ BUSY signal indicator light.
☆ Power indicator light.
☆ DC9V power input end.
☆ Lock seat, can be placed in WT588D module, WT588D with SPI-Flash (need to switch seat), placed on the bottom.

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