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Voice module is based on voice chip, developed for customers, more convenient for early development, large-capacity storage type voice circuit. The overall integration is high. Can add the maximum 128Mbit SPI-Flash. Can load WAV and AD4 format sound.


Voice module takes the voice chip as the master control core, has MP3 control mode, one-to-one key control mode (3-segment voice and 5-segment voice), power-on loop playback control mode and 2-wire serial port control mode. Control mode has been set in the chip sample production. During the operation, can not switch various control modes. Control mode can be set by yourself or we custom for you.

Voice Module
Features and advantages

☆Module package (with SPI-Flash and peripheral circuit) has DIP16, DIP28 types, no need to debug the chip characteristics by yourself.

Different SPI-Flash has different playing time. Support 2M~128Mbit SPI-Flash memory.

Embedded DSP high speed audio processor.

Built in 13Bit/DA converter, 12Bit/PWM output, good sound quality.

Support PWM and DAC two audio output modes. PWM output directly driving 8R0.5W speaker.

Support MP3 control mode, key control mode, 3*8 key combination control mode, parallel-port control mode, 1-wire and 2-wire and 3-wire serial port control mode.

Strong anti interference ability, can be applied in industry area.

Automatically into sleep mode when stop playing.

15 types of key control modes. Any one key can be set to have any one control mode.

Working voltage: DC2.8~5V.

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Automotive electronics (anti-theft alarm, reversing radar, GPS navigator, electronic dog, central lock), amusement machines, smart home system, home burglar alarm, medical device voice prompt, music playback, home appliances (induction cooker, rice cooker, microwave oven), entertainment (games, amusement machine), learning model (early education machine, audio books for children), intelligent transportation equipment (toll station, parking lot), communication equipment (telephone exchange, telephone), industrial control field (elevator).

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