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Reversing Anti-collision case.aspx?TypeId=129&FId=t4:129:4

Motor vehicle reversing collision avoidance warning system, using ultrasonic detection technology, has features of wide detection range, small blind area, long distance. When the ultrasonic probe detects obstacles in effective range, the host will send the actual distance between obstacles and motor vehicle to the alarm device through wireless signal, in order to avoid collision.This product is special for large vehicles. Even if the car body is very long and wide, it can know everything behind the vehicle.

At present, the product is divided into two types: ordinary type and image type. Ordinary type is through ultrasonic probe to detect obstacles, then send the signal to display and buzzer; the buzzer will give alarm prompt to driver; the driver can also see the obstacle distance on the display.

Image type is mainly through the buzzer alarm and LCD display, can prevent the danger caused by bad reverse vision. This product is equipped with infrared night vision camera. Even at night, without any light source, through the infrared fill-in light, can also reverse easily, to prevent vehicles from hitting people or objects, to ensure the safety when reversing.

Reversing Anti-collision
Features and advantages

Power supply: DC12-24V.

Adopt ultrasonic detection technology, low attenuation, strong reflecting ability.

Support 4 probes (6 probes, 8 probes for option).

Support LED digital display and voice prompt function.

Lightning protection, contain 600W TVS.

Waterproof, anti-vibration, anti-interference, waterproof grade up to IP67.

Industry design standard.

Many kinds of probes and mounting brackets for option, convenient for various vehiclesto install.

Accuracy: 0.1m.

Working temperature: -30℃~70℃.
Detection range: 0.5~3m, 0.5~5m.

Response time: 0.25s/probe.

Detection angle: XY60~80°.

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Large vehicles, lorry, truck, sedan car, SUV, coach, school bus, dump truck, oil tank truck, crane, excavator, fire fighting truck, clearing truck and other special vehicles.

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