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Smart Power Strip case.aspx?TypeId=128&FId=t4:128:4

This product, wireless temperature controller, has two types. One is wall-hung gas boiler thermostat, suitable for most of boilers, such as Small Squirrel, BAXI, BOSCH, VANWARD, Beretta, Viessmann, Ariston, Smith, Kdnavien, Radiant, Qianfeng, Yakesi, Haydn, Immer, Weima, SYLBER, Unical, Aosin, Dynasty, Guosen, Herman, Huadi, Yushun, Italtherm, Topps, Weineng Yima and others.The other is a temperature controller for indoor, built in wifi module, can be remote control,through mobile APP software, canhave temperture setting, timing setting, on/off etc.

Smart Power Strip
Features and advantages

☆ Through smart phone control, have IOS, Android APP.

☆ After device configuration router, families can directly connect the device, onemember set, the familyall members can use.

☆ After connecting the device in the 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ WIFI network, can be remote control in any case.

☆ Support multiple time periods of timing control, setting transducer to have the temperature range control.

☆ External high-precision temperature sensor probe, real-time detection of indoor temperature.

☆ The control lineconnected to wall-hanging stove interfaceis 2-pin USB cable, nonelectric itself

☆ Can record the open duration timeof the device everyday, know the gas consumption at any time, do not worry about the high gas costs.

☆ With power output interface, supply power for wall-hanging stove, no occupation of socket location.

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Family, indoor public places, farm, vegetable greenhouses and so on.

Industrial production, electrical equipment control, electromechanical control, boiler manufacturers, accessories maintenance manufacturers, etc.

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