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2021 - 08 - 14
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2020 - 07 - 29
Product Introduce:1.High-quality elevator voice floor reporter and voice advertising player.2.It adopts high-quality voice decoding chip, supports audio files in MP3 format, and is easy to install. 3....
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Product Description:Body induction is a kind of technology that infrared pyroelectric principle is used to induce the body activity information. When a person enters the sensor's ef...
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This voice speaker integrates speech sound circuit, power supply, communications, horn. Traditional speaker must rely on other auxiliary component to make asound. There are many voice chips and speakers on the market, multifarious. Service level and the technical supportare also uneven. Selection and design need a lot of time. Our voice speakers can make you complete all the design and selection, saving your time.

Voice Speaker
Features and advantages

☆Fast realizing voice function.

☆High integration, voice chip and speaker integration, easy for user to stock and easy for engineer to use.

☆Working voltage: 2.2V~5.5V.

☆Standby mode, power saving, quiescent current less than1uA.

☆PWM audio output, can directly drive speaker and buzzer.

☆DAC audio output, can connect external amplifier.

☆High-quality ADPCM speech synthesis, can adjust sample bits to improve sound quality.

☆Precise +/-1% internal oscillation, built-in low voltage reset(LVR=1.8V) and watchdog.

☆Support BUSY output .

☆Have one-line serial port control mode, two-line serial port control, pulse control mode.

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