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Waycare is a mini car diagnostic tool developed for car safety.

Waycare I is launched by our company, focusing on driving safety, automatically detecting the running state of cars and reminding drivers to pay attention to their driving behavior. Waycare I has many warning functions: overspeed prompt, battery aging warning, battery power prompt, car maintenance, correcting driving behavior and so on.

Voice prompts help car owners to know the cars’ battery usage and battery life, to replace battery timely and avoid running troubles, car maintenance reminding in advance, to improve security, warm prompt to help driver to correct the nonstandard driving behavior and know some car maintenance knowledge. Overspeed warning, over 120 km/h speed every 1 minute, it will remind the owner that he is overspeeding, should pay attention to safety.

Waycare II, on the basis of the first generation, increases the function of APP interconnection mode, which can connect the phone APP to check car’s water temperature, speed, voltage, can also have fuel consumption analysis, maintenance prompt, etc.

Features and advantages

Detecting battery status at any time, forewarning battery failure.

Remind driver slow-driving when overspeeding.

Memorandum appointment function of car maintenance.

Prompting the safe driving behavior norms.
Warm voice prompt.

Easy to install, direct to insert the OBD interface of the car.

Easy to use, two-button design(“OK” button, “Mode” button), easy to handle.

Built in 0.5W/36mm loudspeaker, moderate volume, good sound quality.

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Xiamen Golden Dragon Delphi491QE, Xiamen Golden Dragon DelphiJM495, OPEL Volkswagen Adui, Honda Xiamen Golden Dragon, Shanghai Volkswagen, Changan, SAAB, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, KIA, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, OPEL, BMW, Benz, Mazda, Volkswagen, Adui, Chrysler, PEUGEOT, LAND-ROVER, etc.

Currently cannot be used for battery car and 24V vehicles.

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