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2016 - 11 - 14
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Speech Recognition case.aspx?TypeId=29&FId=t4:29:4

Speech recognition chip is also called speech recognition IC. Speech recognition chip, the most important feature is speech recognition. It can let the machine understand the human voice, and can carry out various actions according to the command, such as blinking, moving lips (smart doll). In addition, the speech recognition chip also has high quality, high compression recording and playback function, can realize the man-machine dialogue.

Speech recognition function: Can identify the default speech words or phrases, output through serial port and IO port, and identify the result.

Playback function: Through MCU instructions, play the specified voice, at the same time, through the BUSY pin mark, judge whether there is voice play.

Speech Recognition
Features and advantages

☆ Voice recognition rate up to 90% within half a meter.

Control output through voice command.

 Play the specified voice through MCU serial communication control.

 Three output modes: serial output, IO output, speaker output.

 PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8Ω speaker.

 Differential amplifier circuit.

 Voice recognition distance up to 2~3m in a quiet environment.

 Can add SPI flash to increase the storage capacity.

 Can store many groups of words.

 Speaker-independent recognition.

 Support 32 languages, such as Chinese, English,Cantonese, Japanese etc.


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High-end toys: parrot talk, story teller, music player, etc.

Switches: light switch, brightness adjustment, etc.

Voice broadcast: prompt tone for small household appliances.

Voice navigation: guiding machine in hospital, shopping mall; advisement player, etc.


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