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At worker in life, many people often use mobile phone to record the call, especially business people or boss, call recording function is very helpful, mainly shown in the following points:

1. In the current social atmosphere, many things need evidence. Call recording function is undoubtedly a great demand for some people. Recording phone conversation sometimes is also a good way to protectourselves.

2. Business people, during the call, some important information may not be timely recorded or remembered, which may cause loss after the call, losing some business opportunities. Call recordings can be a basis whenmake some major decisions. As the saying goes, verbal statements are no guarantee, especially cooperation content communication and promises between two enterprises.

3. Other aspects.

Regarding to the above needs, ourcompany developed the call recording earphone, especially against the problem that Apple phone can not record the call during the conversation.Of course, it can also be used by Android mobile phone. This product iseasy to use, simple appearance. When you do not need recording function, you can use it as a commonearphone to listen tosongs.

Another call recording product is mobile phone Bluetooth call recorder, against the cellphone radiation when answering thecall. Turn on mobile phone Bluetooth, connected with this call recorder. It has call automaticanswering function. In the process of answering, you can record the call content,used as evidence on some commercial or special occasions.

Phone Call Recorder
Features and advantages

Support apple cellphone recording phone conversation.

Can be commonly used by Android phone.

Press button to record.

Call recorder function.

Built in lithium battery.

Play the previous/next, recordings playback.

Delete function.

Automatic call recording function, auto answer function.

Bluetooth wireless connection.

Can copy the recording files out from the earphone connected to computer via USB cable.

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Businessmen, enterprise boss, reporter, lawyer, lovers and other people who need to record phone conversation, family, office.


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