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MicroSound voice prompter is one of the five major Sound series. Micro, the meaning is mini, small. Microsound has many types, the smallest size of the five majorSound series.

At present, MicroSound series have infrared bodyinduction (one-way), two-way identification human induction, timing human induction voice prompter, door magnetic induction voice prompter, RJ11 trigger play voice andrecording voice reminder and so on. Except RJ11 trigger, others are infrared human body induction. The difference of one-way and two-way/ direction identification is whether to play the same voice content when people go in/ out. One-way identification type will play the same voice content,but two-way identification type, according to the direction in or out, play different voice content. For example, in, play "welcome"; out, play "welcometo visit next time". The doormagnetic induction type will play voice when people open or close the door. Timing version is timing play and time-interval play by remote controller, to meet therequirements in special occasions. Recording version is that users can record voice andplay the recordings. Thevoice need is more flexible. RJ11 triggering to play sound is the play mode of RJ11 printer. Users can choose according to the use requirement and occasion application. We have the ability to research and develop, also provide personalized customization anddevelopment services according to the specific need of users.

Features and advantages

☆ Small and exquisite, high-quality MP3 voice play, good sound quality.
☆ Optional multi-level volume.
☆ Human body induction trigger to play voice.
☆ Door magnetic induction trigger to play voice.
☆ External trigger to play through the RJ11 interface.
☆ Support recording function, can record 40 seconds.
☆ Power-off memory function.
☆ A, B button corresponding to the previous song, next song.
☆ A, B mode free to switch, A mode is the whole song loop, B modeis the single loop.
☆ Voice content can be replaced free according to the different needs of users.

☆ MP3 play scheme, better than the ordinary sound.
☆ Support external micro SD card or built-in SPI-FLASH to play, preferred micro SD card, which supports hot-swap.
☆ Using micro SD card to update voice files of the device.

☆ Replace the voice files of micro SD card through the PC (computer) USB port.
☆ Support USB flash disk function, read micro SD cardcontent through Micro-USB,to replace the micro SD card voice.
☆ 3pcs AAA batteries or USB power supply,alternative, built-in 8ohm 1W speaker.
☆ Automatic sleep, lowpower consumption, long standby time.

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2. Hospital doors and windows safetyprompter, residential safety doors and windows safety alarm, voice reminder not to forget the key, turn off the water and electricity, close the door, gas and other security voice prompter.
3. Voice prompt for the printers in restaurant, hoteletc.
4. Used in ethnic minority areas. Some minority languages can not be synthesized, but can be recorded directly. Then device can playthe recording to prompt.

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