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2016 - 11 - 14
Product Description:Body induction is a kind of technology that infrared pyroelectric principle is used to induce the body activity information. When a person enters the sensor's effect...
2016 - 11 - 14
Product DescriptionWT588D voice ic chip is multitime programmable music chip, 4 packages:  DIP18, SSOP20, SSOP28, LQFP32.It support silence insertion. One address bit can insert 10...
2016 - 11 - 14
1. Brief IntroductionSmartSound PIR motion activated sound player adopts human body induction technology. When it detects people passing, it can automatically play voice.Download voice ...
2016 - 11 - 14
KingSound V3.0 voice prompter uses pyroelectric body sensor technology. According to different places and different needs, can choose different audiosto play in different times. It can be widely used ...
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SmartSound voice prompter is one of the five major Sound series. Smart, the meaning is intelligent, sensitive, looks like a small robot, special, cute.

The induction way of SmartSound voice prompter series is infrared human body induction. When people enter the sensor range, it can accurately identify, detect human activity information, passiveinduction. It seems like cat's eyes, not rely on light. Even in the dark environment,the device can alsowork normally, overcoming the lack of lightinduction.

SmartSound voice prompter havetwo types: one-way identification and two-way identification. For one-way identification type, such as, in orout, only play the same voice content; but two-way identification, according to the direction inor out, play different voice content. For example, in is "welcome"and out is the "welcome to visit nex time". Voice content can be replaced by yourselves. This device has been widely used in major banks for safetyprompt, welcome alarm.

Another SmartSound voice prompter type is named SmartBell, smart doorbell with remote controller. This product combines the wireless remote control doorbell and human bodyinduction technology. we can develop and produce according to the user's special needs. Voice doorbell and sensor can be placed separately, such as sensor in the outdoor, doorbell in the room. Whensomeone enters the store, the indoor doorbell will play voice content, to remind the user someone coming.

Features and advantages

☆ Adopt infrared human body induction technology.
☆ Accurate direction recognition technology, automatic trigger to play voice.
☆ Voice content can be replaced according to the different needs of users.
☆ Power-off memory function.
☆ Can identify direction to play different sounds.
☆ Play mode: single cycle, order play, random play mode.
☆ MP3 play scheme, better than the ordinary sound.
☆ Support external micro SD card or built-in SPI-FLASH to play, preferred micro SD card, which supports hot-swap.
☆ Using micro SD card to update voice files of the device.
☆ Support MP3 audio.

☆ Built-in power amplifier and power up to 2W / 8Ω speaker, adjustable volume;
☆ Built-in charging circuit, automatic sleep, low power consumption, long standby time;
☆ Working voltage DC-5V and lithium battery DC3.7-4.2V.

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1. Safety voice prompt in power system high voltage area, military control, public security warning area, .
2. Safety voice prompt in Production workshop, construction area.
3. Welcome alarm when people enter the office building, business hall, waiting hall.
4. Product advertising in square, supermarket, commercial network.
5. Tour guide or automatic audio introduction in science and technology museum, exhibition hall.
6. Bank, ATM anti-cheat, anti-theft voice prompt.
7. Applied in public place, hospital, voice prompt to guide disabled people.
8. Safety prompt in other industries.

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