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By 2017, Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd has developed for 18 yeas, so many years of experience, service assurance, favored by the majority of customers. WT chips and modules are well-known in voice industry. At present, our company is the designated supplier of many well-known domestic and foreign companies, more than 3000 companies in service.


★★★★★Waytronic 18 years★★★★

In 2017

  Build new website. Old website still available.

★★★★Waytronic 17 years★★★★

In 2016

  Focus on security products.

  Establish“Shenzhen Waytronic Security Technology Co., Ltd.”


★★★★Waytronic 16 years★★★★

  ☆In 2015

  Strive to be the influential company in the voice industry and intelligent industry.


★★★★Waytronic 15 years★★★★

In 2014

  Company moved to Shenzhen, named “Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd”

★★★★Waytronic 14 years★★★★

In 2013

  Business scope related to automotive electronics, home security, household appliances, medicalequipment, toys, interactive consumer products and other fields.


★★★★Waytronic 12 years★★★★

In 2011

  Intelligent Product Department established

  Many smart products launched into market


★★★★Waytronic 7 years★★★★

In 2006

  Establish branch company---Beijing Waytronic Hongtai Company


★★★★Waytronic 6 years★★★★

In 2005

  High popularity and fine reputation in industry

  Products favored by market


★★★★Waytronic 5 years★★★★

In 2004

  Start to develop and produce MP3 chip

  Bring MP3 program into market


★★★★Waytronic 4 years★★★★ 

☆2003年!In 2003

  Developed forklift speed alarm

  Launch into market


★★★★Waytronic 1 year★★★★

In 2000

  Engaged in the industry of voice chip

  Provide personalized program development, production and service.


★★★★Waytronic established★★★★

In 1999

  guangzhou Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.

  Formally established

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