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2016 - 11 - 14
Product Description:Body induction is a kind of technology that infrared pyroelectric principle is used to induce the body activity information. When a person enters the sensor's effect...
2016 - 11 - 14
Product DescriptionWT588D voice ic chip is multitime programmable music chip, 4 packages:  DIP18, SSOP20, SSOP28, LQFP32.It support silence insertion. One address bit can insert 10...
2016 - 11 - 14
1. Brief IntroductionSmartSound PIR motion activated sound player adopts human body induction technology. When it detects people passing, it can automatically play voice.Download voice ...
2016 - 11 - 14
KingSound V3.0 voice prompter uses pyroelectric body sensor technology. According to different places and different needs, can choose different audiosto play in different times. It can be widely used ...
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PowerSound voice prompter is one of the five major Sound series. Power, the meaning is big strength, big energy, big power, is the exclusive brand name of high-power voice prompter seriesin my company.

The size of PowerSound series is the largest, loudest in our voice prompter products, suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, especially some noisy areas. Another extension category --PowerSound OD, is the voice prompt device especially for outdoor use, the appearance totally different from the ordinary PowerSound series.

According to the induction way, powersound series have infrared induction and microwave induction. According to the appearance and use of occasions, there are wall-hanging type and ceiling type. All of them can support DIY. Features and accessories can be customized. The sensor has wide induction range. The volume is up to 10 levels, mainly for some construction site, building site, station, outdoors and other noisy place.

Features and advantages

☆Infrared induction / microwaveinduction technology.
☆Sensor has wide induction range.
☆Support DIY.

☆Function and accessories can be customized.

☆Able to replace voicecontent off-line.
☆Power-off memory function.
☆Built in the most competitive high-quality MP3 module, canplay MP3 format audio files.
☆Support SPI-Flash memory for voice storage.
☆Support SD card playing, play voice of the SPI-flash if no SD card.
☆Maximum support 32G SD card as a storage voice carrier.
☆Support two play modes: sequential loop play, single play.
☆10-level volume control, adjust volume according to various occasions.
☆Built-in 10W power amplifier circuit, perfect sound quality.

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1. Safety voice prompt in power system high voltage area, military control, public security warning area, .
2. Safety voice prompt in Production workshop, construction area.
3. Welcome alarm when people enter the office building, business hall, waiting hall.
4. Product advertising in square, supermarket, commercial network.
5. Tour guide or automatic audio introduction in science and technology museum, exhibition hall.
6. Bank, ATM anti-cheat, anti-theft voice prompt.
7. Applied in public place, hospital, voice prompt to guide disabled people.
8. Safety prompt in other industries.

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