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2017 - 10 - 21
Product Description:WTN6 series sound chip is 4-bit controller. At present there are three kinds of chip: WTN6010, WTN6020, WTN6040, WTN6090 (voice length is 10s,20s,40s,...
2016 - 11 - 14
Product DescriptionWT588D voice ic chip is multitime programmable music chip, 4 packages:  DIP18, SSOP20, SSOP28, LQFP32.It support silence insertion. One address bit can insert 10...
2016 - 12 - 15
WTR050 voice recording chip is a multifunctional voice record & playback chip, specially designed for recording voice, long recording distance, good sound quality, can directly drive...
2016 - 11 - 14
1. Brief IntroductionSmartSound PIR motion activated sound player adopts human body induction technology. When it detects people passing, it can automatically play voice.Download voice ...
WTR series
Ø Support 8~320Kbps MP3 audio format, good sound quality.Ø Voice changing is convenient, available to use U disk to copy audio file to the internal FLASH.Ø Support built-in maximum 128M SPI Flash as a carrier of voice storage.Ø With the function of direction recognition, switching modes freely between no direction recognition and direction recognition.Ø Voltage: DC12V.Ø The off-delay time of relay can be set through config.txt file(0s~99s).
KingSound V3.0 voice prompter uses pyroelectric body sensor technology. According to different places and different needs, can choose different audiosto play in different times. It can be widely used in school, agencies and institutions, exhibition hall, supermarket, station, airport and other public places or prompt occasions.
1. IntroductionThis is a voice announcer for elevator,actually, not only as a elevator floor voice announcer, lift voice indicator, but also as a elevator floor voice advertiser. Adopt high-performance single chip and professional voice chip. Support MP3 audio format, adopt the altitude sensor, easy to installation and can detect the working condition of the elevator then play the voice. You can freely replace voice files via U disk. It has been widely used in elevator floor announcement, floor voice navigation, sightseeing elevator/ cable car specific scenic spots, public security warning and other occasions. WT-50800G elevator floor announcer can detect elevator up or down, which floor arrive and automatically remind passengers when elevator goes up/ down to the 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ ...
Technical parametersØ Input voltage: DC12- 24VØ Quiescent current:Ø Working current: 120mA-500mAØ Maximal current:Ø Rated power output: 8Ω, 10W/track (24V)Ø Audio output: StereoØ Volume: 0~7 levelØ Voice storage time: 10 minutes to dozens of hours (depends on the SD card size, support 1GB max.)Ø Voice format: mp3Ø Dimension:134mm*97mm*42mm (length*width*height)Ø Host weight: 0.43kgs Cable(one): 0.08kg
Features 1. Play and repeat audio files once powered 2. Audio file can update by our downloader. 3. Audio format: wav, 16bit, mono 4. Sampling rate: 6 KHz, 8 KHz ……20 KHz. 5. Easy to change any voice by USB. 6. Built-in audio amplifier (PHILIPS), loudly sound 7. Widely use in voice alarm, siren and attract bird device.Application:Moto horn | Car horn | voice prompt |Fix it in your car, it can play varios sound, for instance alarm, special sound, music, polite voice .....and more.put it in safefy area to remind people who entry or approaching here.To fix anywhere you have ever thought. try it.Parameters:Operating Voltage: DC9V ~ 24VRated output power: 10WattsFrequency response: 800HZ~15 KHz Operating temperature: -10~65℃Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 82db Size: 105mm*80mm*75mm
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