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What does GSM smart socket do ?

Date: 2020-10-13
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  A high-tech home doesn't have to cost a fortune. Once you're sure a smart plug will fit properly in your home, it's important to consider what it can do.


  GSM smart socket (and power outlets) are an easy and affordable way to upgrade ordinary appliances, lighting, and any other electronics into Smart home device that you can control straight from your smart phone.


What does GSM smart socket do ?

  Every plug we've tested lets you use your phone to turn control power—so if you've plugged in a lamp, for instance, you can turn it on or off no matter where you are. And most smart plugs also offer some form of scheduling. If you simply want to turn your connected coffee machine on at the same time every weekday morning, you can do that with any of the plugs on this list.


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