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Magnet Sensor Sound Player

Date: 2020-09-25
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  We normally will forget to close door after we used some device ,such as windows, doors, refrigerators, etc.,that is really bad hobbit ,but many people did , even if we write 'please close the door' warm Small stickers to remind us , we will not notice as well. But what if  we  install a sound player, and when you push the door open, it starts to remind you until you close the door ,then  stop  playing. Will you still forget close door ?

  Magnet Sensor Sound Player

  The door magnetic sensor sound player  is capable of play sound  when the host is separated from the magnetic sensor strip. There are two modes: the welcome mode and the alarm mode. The main characteristics of the door magnets produced by Shenzhen Waytronic Co.Ltd  are:


  1, high-quality MP3 voice playback, beautiful sound quality.


  2. You can change the new voice through the USB connection computer, you can customize the voice playback content.


  The Application of Magnet : voice welcoming device, punching reminder, old man forgetful reminder, open door promotion advertising machine, hospital ward, power distribution cabinet safety reminder, door and window anti-investment alarm, etc. The voice content is colorful, and what you want to play is what you want to play.

  Magnet Sensor Sound Player

  It is easy to install, with double-sided tape inside, directly attached to the door, strong foot, the actual installation instructions:


Magnet Sensor Sound Player

  Can be customized manufacturers or individuals need voice, when you open the door, it will always remind, until the sensor bar and the host close, it will stop playing. Particularly suitable for home or business use.Any interest please contact Michael via mail : .

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