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MicroSound-Sound player for POP Advertisement

Date: 2020-10-13
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  When we come to supermarket, we will see a lot of promotion information, 50% discount for cooking oil, buy one get one free for brad and so on. Some workers will also use speaker to play the promotion information but the sound sometimes annoyed people because it never stop, play again and again.


  Then how to make effective promotion with speaker, here we suggest our MicroSound to you, it built in motion sensor, sound only triggered when people passing by, avoid sound noise and save power. Second, it powered by 3AAA batteries, no limitation for the using place. Third, the installation is very convenient, you can use bracket and double-sided tape to fixed it on the shelf. The most important things is the sound c an change freely by USB cable, that means it not a disposable items, you can use it for different kind of promotion project.


MicroSound-Sound player for POP Advertisement

  Using it discretely tucked inside the POP unit, it will maximize the effect of the promotions, for example:


  - Beauty products with sea minerals in an audio POP that plays the sound of the sea


  - Monkey, parrot and lion soft toys in an audio POP that plays the sound of the jungle


  - Travel brochures held in an audio POP that plays sounds of exotic locations with added voice

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