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Application scope of voice prompter

Date: 2020-09-25
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      Voice prompter is a player composed of voice module, control circuit, loudspeaker, power supply and shell. It can be used to broadcast product information, safety reminder statements, doorbell music or alarm sound. It is widely used in information dissemination. For example:


  Store infrared human body induction doorbell voice reminder Microsound V22


  Built-in human voice and music functions, It can be installed at the entrance of the door,When someone enters into the door and passes through infrared detection, it will automatically prompt. You can know someone is coming in by prompt and be ready to greet the customers. Especially suitable for use when only one person is in the store.

   voice prompter

  Human body induction voice alarm prompt for home use Microsound V15


  The talking door security alarm is loaded in the alarm voice. When someone opens the door, it will send out a high-pitched alarm voice to scare away the thief.


Human body induction voice prompt device

  In addition to the above two occasions, the voice reminder can also be used in high-voltage areas of the power system, military control, security voice prompts in public security alert areas, science and Technology Museum, exhibition hall visit guidance voice prompts, anti-theft and robbery voice prompts, production workshop, escalator, school, hospital, construction work area safety voice prompts and other places that need voice prompts.

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