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Intelligent voice smoke alarm voice program, smoke alarm voice chip

Date: 2016-12-05
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Smoke alarm is a detection alarm equipment, the general smoke alarm is divided into: photoelectric smoke alarm and ionization smoke alarm. Smoke alarm by monitoring the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, with the modern family with fire, electricity consumption increases, the family and other local fire frequency is getting higher and higher, the main reason for the family fire is paralysis, there is no timely procurement prevention Measures, and smoke alarm is a sensor for the detection of smoke sensors, in the event of fire hazards, the internal speaker will promptly alert people.
The traditional smoke alarm is only "whining" alarm sound, a single function, the depth of the alarm is not enough, smoke alarm with voice chip, play a real voice reminder function, to enhance the alarm effect, fault detection and live broadcast failure situation, the other to Business to do brand promotion. General smoke alarm voice are:
1, welcome to use XX smoke alarm
2, tick, tick, functional test is normal
3, please note that the smoke exceeded, whining (alarm sound)
4, lack of electricity
5, the detector failure

Intelligent voice smoke alarm voice program, smoke alarm voice chip

Suitable for the use of smoke alarm alarm program are: WTH040 / WTN5 series voice IC
  Smoke alarm device is relatively small, WTH040 and WTN5 are small volume of SOP8 voice chip solution, smoke alarm voice content is simple, the use of short seconds of voice chip enough to accommodate the required content, the other WTH and WTN5 voice chip can support DAC output, the sound clear and loud.
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