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Trash Sorting Live Voice Reminder Scheme

Date: 2016-12-26
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First, the product industry background
  With the people on the health, health problems, environmental issues such as concerns, as well as the development of science and technology, waste separation, garbage collection, turning waste into the concept of deep into people's lives, walking in the street, the park area, all kinds A variety of colorful classification trash can be seen everywhere.

Second, the main function of voice trash
  The trash can is used in life to load a wide variety of household waste equipment. Different living garbage should be placed in different trash cans. For some elderly people, children, garbage classification is not familiar with, voice trash can open the moment to play garbage sort prompts, or people pedal, etc. sorting tips, easy to sort out the garbage correctly in place.

Trash Sorting Live Voice Reminder Scheme

Third, the product increases the value of the voice function
In the trash, increase the voice prompts, the value brought about by the following:
1. The situation of throwing garbage outside the trash can be greatly improved. With the voice prompt function, when the residents carrying garbage bags near the trash can, you can automatically play voice prompts. Such as: "environmental protection everyone is responsible, please put garbage into the trash."
2. random play garbage classification of the explanation, can help poor vision or illiterate people or people who are not clear on the classification of garbage, the right to put garbage, is conducive to environmental protection and garbage recycling.
3. Can play the role of environmental protection publicity. Such as playing the prompt "garbage please into the tube, environmental protection, everyone is responsible", can improve people to reduce environmental pollution, turning waste into the treasure of consciousness.
4. can reduce the garbage disposal time. Although the garbage has been sorted out, but the garbage delivery of specialized organic waste disposal center, still need to first artificial decomposition, because the transport of these garbage mixed with too many things. If the trash can add a voice prompt, people can throw the garbage in the correct delivery, garbage disposal process can worry a lot.
Fourth, the general voice content:
The stored voice prompts can be varied, for example:
1. Slogan: garbage please classified into the barrel, everyone is responsible for environmental protection.
2. Refuse of garbage collection: Recyclable materials that reflect the appropriate recycling and resource utilization, including paper, plastic, glass, fabric and bottles, etc., with blue garbage containers to collect; hazardous waste that contains harmful substances, need special Safe disposal of garbage, including batteries, lamps and daily chemicals, etc., with a red garbage container collection; other garbage that sort of garbage, collected with a gray garbage container.
Fifth, recommend voice chip
WTH, WTN these OTP voice chip, cost-effective, can support 1 second to more than 100 seconds of voice, can be used in the trash classification tips products. If the stored voice is longer, the demand for higher sound quality, it is recommended to use WT2000, WT2003 voice chip, these chips play a long time, the sound is quite beautiful, you can play songs, according to the length of the voice plug SPI flash, TF card, or U plate.

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