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Recommendation of Speech Recognition Remote Controller Scheme

Date: 2019-06-06
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At present, people's material and cultural living standards are improving day by day. Various kinds of household appliances have entered thousands of households. Most of them have their own remote controllers. People often look for their corresponding remote controllers everywhere in order to control an electrical appliance, which brings a lot of inconvenience to people's life. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a design scheme of multi-function remote controller: the remote controller can have the remote control function of multiple electrical appliances through self-learning, which saves time and effort, so that people can avoid the trouble of facing multi-function remote controllers at the same time.

I. Control Mode of Universal Infrared Remote Controller

The remote control switch fits the sweeper with the remote control

There are usually two remote control modes of remote control switch: one is using remote control switch of mobile client, the other is equipped with switch socket and transmitter when purchasing. Comparatively speaking, the cost of the latter technology is relatively low and the price of finished products is relatively low. It consists of a movable remote control transmitter and a switching receiver fixed on the wall. All functions can be operated directly on the wall switch or remotely by the remote controller, which greatly facilitates users.

II. Value of Universal Infrared Remote Controller

Voice control is the most efficient and convenient way of human-computer interaction at present.

Usually, it controls the start, close and adjust mode of sweeper by pressing the switch by hand. Intelligent point is through remote control, even through mobile phone APP control, but the above scheme is not the most convenient one. Intelligent small household appliances plus speech recognition can identify and control small household appliances by speaking. It is more user-friendly and convenient to control electrical appliances by speech recognition than by pressing the switch before going to the switch.

III. Speech Recognition Terms of Universal Infrared Remote Controller:

1. Turn on the TV

2. Turn on the air conditioner

3. Turn on the fan

4. Boot on time

5. Suspension

6. Timely shutdown

(More voice entries can be customized)

IV. Speech Recognition Scheme Suitable for Intelligent Universal Infrared Remote Controller:

WTK6900B speech recognition program, wake-up speech recognition, reduce misrecognition, recognition effect is excellent, recognition distance can reach 3 meters, recognition in quiet environment 6-7 meters, for household appliances, this recognition distance is enough to control small appliances with high recognition rate, price competitive advantage.  

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