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How to Record Phone Calls on Apple Mobile Phone

Date: 2018-12-13
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    Apple phones have always been popular among users, not only for their beautiful appearance, but also for their excellent performance. Although the Apple phone is perfect, it still has some shortcomings, such as the lack of voice recording function in the Apple phone series, which I believe everyone has a deep feeling, then why can't the Apple phone record when it calls?

    In fact, the reason for the impact of American law, in this process will involve violations of personal privacy, so Apple Mobile has not developed the voice recording function. But because of work or other special reasons, many people often have the need for voice recordings. For example, business people, in the process of telephone calls, some important information may not be recorded in time, and after the end of the call can not remember all may lead to loss of some business opportunities, and when making some important decisions, audio evidence can also be used as a basis, as the saying goes, there is no basis, especially between the two sides to cooperate with each other to give some promises. How to Record Call Recording on Apple Mobile Phone?the following small edition to introduce you to several solutions to the Apple calls recording tricks! 

How to Record Phone Calls on Apple Mobile Phone


Search for Wetalkpro on Apple's Apple Store to download and install it directly to your mobile phone. When we need to record calls, open the software and dial the phone number of the other party. In the call interface, there is a red recording button, which can be directly clicked to record the call. Recording can be seen in history and recording files, downloaded to a computer or played directly.

Disadvantage: Because it is a network call software, we must keep the network unblocked before using it. If recording is done, an additional charge will be charged, depending on the length of recording time. There is also the software can only be recorded by dialing the phone, when we answer the phone can not be recorded, so there are still some limitations.

2、Hand-free + recording pen (or two mobile phones)

This method, I believe you do not need to say that you also understand. It means pressing the hands-free button while talking and recording through other devices (recording pens/other mobile phones); of course, this method is a bit of a chicken rib. It's more convenient than using Android mobile phones, and it's not conducive to protecting personal privacy, and the recording effect is not good, in short, it's very inconvenient.

3、Bluetooth Voice Recording Headphones

Another way is to use Bluetooth Voice Recording Headset. In order to meet the needs of users for Apple Voice Recording, Shenzhen Weichuang Zhiyin Electronics Co., Ltd. specially launched this Bluetooth Voice Recording Headset. At the same time compatible with Apple and Android versions, voice recording can be achieved by one button, with automatic mode and manual mode optional; with voice recording function, automatic call response, automatic voice recording; built-in 512MB memory card for recording, can record 16 hours of calls. Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries (5 hours of continuous recording) and micro-USB interface for charging and data transmission; TF card files can be copied directly through a USB connected computer, or retrieved to the mobile phone for storage, recording is arranged in the order of file names. With three-dimensional surround, excellent timbre, high-pitched transparent, powerful bass, usually used as a common Bluetooth headset is no problem, portability and privacy is very good.

How to Record Phone Calls on Apple Mobile Phone

How to Record Phone Calls on Apple Mobile Phone

How to Record Phone Calls on Apple Mobile Phone

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