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Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd (previously namedGuangzhou Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.)-founded in 1999, now located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, is a high-tech company specializing in voice technology research, audio product design & control and other software & hardware design. Business scope relates to telephone recording, automotive electronics, multimedia, home security, communications, household appliances, medicalequipment, industrial automation control, toys, interactive consumer products and other fields.

In 2016, subsidiary company Shenzhen Waytronic Security Technology Company Limited was established, business scope including automotive electronics, security management, factory safety, special vehicle safety management, forest fire prevention, etc..

With excellent IC softwareand hardware development capability and design experience, Waytronic upholds the concept of 'Positive innovation, Pioneering courage, Customer satisfaction, Team cooperation', and strives to builda well-known brand in voiceand security industry.

Our company is an excellent voice chip manufacturer, engaged in voice chip research and peripheral circuit development. At the same time, we provide voice product development plans for the customers with special needs, carry out the plans effectively, and complete product development, testing, sound processing, practical application guidance and other services. After many years of development, our company has formed a complete new process system. Not only these, we also introduced many types of voice modules, such as WT588D voice module, after the peripheral circuit extended, more closer to the customer needs. Our company is also a MP3 manufacturer. With the development of the peripheral technology, we began to produce MP3 chips in 2004. So far we have upgraded eight MP3 solutions (increasing), widely recognized by the market.


In order to better serve different customer groups, Waytronic decided to display different production lines on respective websites.

So in December 2021,Waytronic launched its new official website (https://www.wtsoundic.com/) for sound IC and voice modules This website mainly focuses on serving engineers, college teachers and students and production managers, who need voice solutions from our professional engineers for its newly-developed projects.

in April 2022, Waytronic starts another new official website(https://www.waytronicmfg.com/) for consumer products, such as motion activated sound devices, motion sensor speakers, and elevator voice announcers, these consumer products are developed on its own voice IC chips, with mature technology and stable performance. This website is planned to showcase Waytronic newly-developed consumer products, facing to traders, wholesalers, distributors, who would like to do business with our factory together globally.

At present, our products are divided into four categories, as shown below:

Company Profile

First category Chip series

Mainly include OTP series, plug-in series, MP3 series, module series.

Second category Finished products

Mainly include voice announcer, security products, customized products.

Third category Smart products

Mainly include Bluetooth module, iTimer socket, thermostat socket, WIFI products, intelligent product solutions, WT2800/ 2600 intelligent modules etc.

Fourth category Others

Semi-finished products, products for gifts or greeting cards, accessories, programmer and testing jig.

Waytronic Security Technology Company has products as shown below:

Company Profile

It is in 2003that we first developed forklift speed alarm, developing, producing and promoting on the market. Through constant upgrading, nowthere is motor vehicle safety management system - VSMS, wired installation or wireless installation, suitable for various special vehicles. This system has many types, such as oil circuit disconnected type, brushing card management system, clock management system.

In addition to voice announcer, forklift alarm, there are also bus station reporter, elevator floor announcer, Bluetooth module, wifi module, intelligent control technology, app development etc.. At present, our company is the designated cooperation manufacturer ofmany well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, more than 3000 companies in service. There will be more and more new products launching in the future, to meetcustomer needs.

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