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Touch insulation heating board voice program

Date: 2016-12-22
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First, touch insulation heating plate background:

The new concept of diet health, with the continuous improvement of people's living conditions and improve the healthy life of the diet is also further improved, food insulation board is based on people's daily diet and the design of a new type of food insulation products. Touch insulation panels are available in a wide variety of environments and can be used in hotels, restaurants, homes, offices, entertainment venues, etc. where you can think of.

Touch insulation heating board voice program 

Second, the touch insulation board Main features:

1. Touch insulation heating plate is a creative IKEA kitchen appliances, you can warm tea, warm milk, warm coffee, warm soup, warm meals, physical care, thawing, drying, warm wine, food stew and other functions. Can continue to maintain constant temperature. You can enjoy the warm meals.

2. Hot plate is not only warm meals, but also moisture-proof drying, drying clothes, especially in winter, the weather is relatively humid, baby clothes wet wear uncomfortable, and is not conducive to good health, the baby clothes to put the top drying warm Wear it again.


Third, the touch insulation board to join the voice function of the value:

1. Touch the heating plate when the boot, the operation prompt: Please select the function, please select the function you need: warm coffee, warm soup, warm meals, physical care and so on. In addition to increasing the voice prompts, when the music is more appropriate to play, while eating while listening to comfortable music, relax.

2. Functional selection, and then adjust the temperature, according to the survey, the food temperature between 60-70 degrees is the best taste of the human body, food nutrition is not lost, absorb the best temperature.

3. Voice touch insulation heating board gift is also good Oh, send health, send new, send practical, send warmth. Great praise


Four, touch insulation heating board typical voice content:

1, welcome to use ** brand touch insulation heater.

2, warm meal function, you now set the temperature is 70 degrees, working time is 120 minutes.

3, thawing function, you now set the temperature of 50 degrees, working time for 60 minutes.

4, the heating work has been completed, please turn off the power


5, touch insulation heating board Recommended voice program:

Recommended WTN4, WTN5, WTH series of voice chip solutions. The above program's voice chip is 8-pin OTP voice chip, small size, clear sound quality, the external circuit is simple, support PWM output, cheap.

Recommended WTK6900 voice voice chip program, voice clear sound loud, built-in storage capacity, content for a long time, plug-in SPI can be stored, built-in amplifier output, according to customer content needs replacement processing. At the same time can store different nationality language.

The following are the same as the "

Sixth, our company profile

Ltd. was founded in 2006, founded in 2006 in Beijing, and in 2008 set up a company in Shenzhen, is a set of voice chip research and development, voice product design, design, production and sales of voice products, Voice products production, voice PC software development, smart home, smart home appliances, Internet of things high-tech services company.


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